5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone

5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone

What is your phone? Think about it. When you ask this question, what do you think of? If it’s an iPhone, the answer would likely be the Apple logo and a sleek, minimalist design. But if it’s an Android phone, think of all the fun and quirky emojis that have been added to your device over time. There are more apps for Android phones than iPhones as well–and many of them are free! With Android phones being more useful than iPhones, these are some reasons why they should be on the top of your list when deciding which phone to buy next.

The Android Ecosystem

Android has many features that iPhone users cannot access. Features like Google Now, which provides personalized information to your phone based on how you use it, are exclusive to Android. One of the main reasons for this is that Apple does not allow third-party apps on their devices. Because of this, Android experiences more innovation than iOS and can be updated far more quickly than iPhones.

But beyond that, Android’s app market is much better than Apple’s–there are still new apps being developed and uploaded to the market even today. With apps like Instagram having been released in late 2016, there is a lot of variety available when it comes to choosing what apps you want on your phone.

And then there’s the fact that Android phones have better battery life–most smartphones on the market will last around 2-3 days with light use while some top-end models can go up as high as 16 days! This means that most people won’t have to worry about charging their phones every day. On top of all of these benefits, it doesn’t hurt that Android phones are cheaper than iPhones!

Android App Store

The Android app store has more than 1.4 million apps and more than 200,000 of them are free. Not only does this mean there are a lot of apps to choose from but it also means that you can browse through the best free apps available for your phone. When buying an iPhone, you have to pay for apps–but with the Android app store, all of the apps are free!

Getting More Apps

Android is more popular than iPhone. There are more apps for Android phones than iPhones as well–and many of them are free! More apps mean more opportunities for you to find the best app for your needs. Not only that, but these apps often have a better design and usability than their comparable iPhone counterparts.

It’s not just about having a bigger selection, though–it’s about being able to find the right one for you. With Android phones, it’s much easier to do this because of the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to make your app stand out in a sea of similar apps on your phone so that people can easily find it when they’re looking for something specific.

Android also has an advantage over iPhone in terms of its accessibility–particularly when it comes to accessibility features like VoiceOver and Zoom. These features allow users with disabilities or those with limited mobility to use their Android devices without any issues–something that is not common on iPhones.

Apple vs. Android

In 2017, Apple’s iPhone sales dropped to their lowest number since the company was founded in 2007. But that doesn’t mean that iPhones are dead and gone. The demand for iPhones is still high, but the Android market has a lot more room to grow. In 2017, Google released the Pixel 2 with 4GB RAM, which could compete with the iPhone X. It also recently launched a new phone–the Pixel 2 XL–that has an even bigger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus. There are many reasons why Android phones have been gaining popularity over iPhones.

Apple vs. Android: Some of the differences between these two phones include:

-Android devices are cheaper than iPhones

-There are many more apps for Android phones

-Android devices can be customized better than iPhones

-The Pixel 2 has 4GB RAM and can compete with the iPhone X

Who Wins? Smartphone Wars

Android vs iPhone

It’s a battle between the two most popular smartphone brands in the world: Apple and Samsung. If you ask 100 people which phone they would choose, 50 of them would likely say an iPhone, and 50 of them would say an Android phone. But after analyzing tons of reviews for both phones, it’s really hard to pick one over the other. So what’s the winner?

The winner is

You–the consumer!

You decide which brand will be best for your needs!

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