Migrating GTA Online characters is not an easy task. When you first create your account or character, GTA V will allow you to pick a pre-made character. However, if you want a more customized experience, migrating your character can be a hassle. This blog post will show you how to migrate your GTA V online character for Xbox One and PC

1) Launch the game on your Xbox One or PC

2) Open the menu and select “Online” from the bottom left corner of the screen

3) Click “Migrate Character” in the bottom right corner of the screen

4) Select which platform you would like to play on and click ‘Next’

What is GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto V was released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in September 2013. It is a very popular open-world game where you can play in first-person view or third-person view. You can also make your own character with various customization options that are not available when you first create the character. This game does have a single-player version, but GTA Online is the main way people enjoy it.

How do I migrate my character?

When you migrate your character, you will be sent to the GTA Online menu. From this menu, you will enter into a tutorial that will familiarize you with the process of migrating your character.

5) Select which platform you will play on and click ‘Next’

6) Enter in your old game name, new account name and password

7) Click ‘OK’ to begin the migration

8) If there are any issues, please try again later. If it still doesn’t work after trying again later, contact Rockstar Support

What are some of the benefits of migrating your character?

Migrating your character offers the following benefits:

-You don’t have to start a new GTA Online experience.

-Your progression, rank, status, and money are all transferred over.

-You can keep any GTA Online-specific items you’ve unlocked.

-You will be able to continue playing with your friends on Xbox One or PC if they also migrate their characters.

-It’s easier than starting from scratch in GTA V.

What are some risks of migrating your character?

Migrating your GTA Online character comes with risks. When you migrate your character, it will delete all customization items and progress you’ve made so far. This means you’ll have to start from the beginning again. Another risk is that your GTA Online character will be deleted and unable to be recovered if you don’t save it before migrating it.

If you still want to move your character, read on!


1) You will not be able to migrate your character if you already have a character on that platform

2) Do not try to migrate other players’ characters

3) Characters cannot be migrated to the same platform

4) If you want to switch back and forth between platforms, your progression will carry over

Characters that are not transferred

If you are playing on PC, Xbox One, or PS3, the game will not migrate your character and will ask if you would like to create a new one. If you do choose to create a new character, you will be able to select the option of selecting your old character.

The most important thing to remember when migrating your GTA V online character is that the game has its own set of limitations and restrictions. In order to keep your GTA Online experience as smooth as possible, make sure that you plan ahead and have enough time for this process.

Migrating a GTA V online character can take up to an hour depending on which platform you are migrating from.


GTA Online is a game that can be played on many different platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile platforms. Migration between these platforms is not allowed.

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