Tips for Better Video Calls with Zoom

Do you and your friends love video calls? The answer is yes, we do too. If you have a group of friends who are into video chatting then you are probably spending more than 90% of your time looking at their phones instead of watching them. Instead of having to check your phone to see who’s online or selecting between multiple video apps, why not make video calls through your smart TV? Smart TVs have access to a wealth of internet-based video services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo so it’s a perfect way to have group video chats with your friends over the internet, no matter where you are or what device you have access to. Here are a few tips for having the best video calls with Zoom:

Choose the Right Smart TV

Smart TVs come with a wealth of channels and apps that allow you to easily access the internet. If your friends are all using the same smart TV, you can simply access the same services using the remote control and screen sharing. You’re able to choose the best app for different types of users and can even set up a “ Duplicate Channels ” function so everyone on the same channel can see and chat with you. If your friends have different types of TVs, you may want to check out TVs with “ Multi-Channels ” or “ Universal Apps ” so everyone on the network can access the same content. If your friends are all on the same network, you can also set up a “ Single-Channel ” mode so everyone can see and hear you at the same time.

Use the Netflix App

If you are a Netflix addict or simply love to watch videos on your computer, laptop, or smartphone, you will love the Netflix app on your TV. You can choose between several different user profiles so everyone has their own separate Netflix account and can easily see what others are watching. You can also set up a “ Private” mode to watch videos without others on the network seeing your current list of favorites. Netflix also lets you “ Crackle ” your video library so you can share your favorite Netflix original series and movies with your friends. You can also access other Netflix services such as the original series “ Stranger Things ” and “ Narcos ”.

Watch Common TV Shows on Your TV

If you are a TV fan and love to watch TV shows on the big screen, then you will love the option of doing so with your friends. You can watch current-season episodes of popular TV shows on your TV or on any big screen TV in the house. If you have a friend who is also a TV addict, you can set them up with a TV remote that has a special “TV” button that will automatically launch the appropriate app on their TV to watch the show.

You can also record video directly on your TV’s screen so you don’t have to open a separate app or navigate through menus on your phone or computer to see what is going on. You can simply select the video option on your remote and start recording. This is a great way to show the entire series or movie without having to sit through commercials or wait for the show to be aired.

Record video directly on your Smart TV

If you have a TV that has an HDMI port, then you can simply connect a regular HDMI cable to it and record video from your computer or phone. You can then simply plug the cable into your TV and record video with the camera app on your phone or computer. This is a great way to capture memories with your friends without having to bring any extra stuff or make arrangements for video calls. You can even set up a “ Duplicate Channels ” function so everyone on the same channel can see and chat with you.

Use the Skype App

If you don’t want to use your phone or computer for video calls because you are feeling a little tech-savvy then the Skype app could be right for you. You can simply start a video call with up to 6 people at the same time and set up a “ Block ” function that will prevent people from contacting you or from seeing you in person. You can also set up a “ Single-Channel ” mode where everyone can see and hear you at the same time.


The best way to enjoy group video chats with your friends is through a smart TV. There are so many options for smart TVs nowadays and it’s easy to find one that has internet capabilities. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a great smart TV and all you need is an internet connection and an internet browser. You can access the internet through your TV without spending money on a data plan or subscription to an internet service. So, if you love video calls or just want to spend less time looking at your phone, you can try out the best video call apps for your smart TV. So, go and make some amazing video calls with your friends and family today!

There are many reasons why you should consider using the internet to make video calls with your friends:

Costs are lower than traditional phone calls.

No phone numbers are required. You can just see who’s online at the same time and still be able to make a video call.

You can access a huge amount of video services online.

It’s a much more efficient way to watch TV since you don’t have to turn it off while looking through social media.

If you have a large group of friends that you’d like to video call, the best way to do it is with a smart TV. With the right apps, it’s easy to make a video call with your friends.

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