The Panasonic JZ2000 is a Great LED TV

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably aware that I’ve been a big fan of the Panasonic JZ2000 LED TV for some time. When the company first announced its new model, the JZ 2000, a lot of people were a bit disappointed in the lack of either HDR or 4K resolution options. However, as the company has grown, they’ve realized that being able to have great TV with a range of different output options is just one of the many benefits of running an LED TV. So, what we have here is a TV that delivers great picture quality, has HDR and 4K resolution support, and is affordable. Let’s see what we have here. 

What’s in the Box

This builds from the standard Panasonic JZ2000, which comes with a horrendous mirror and surround-detecting system. The enhanced Panasonic JZ 2000 ($69.99) comes with a brand-new Digital mechanically89% digital, which includes E-Defender, a smart TV protection system, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. You can also add in a variety of other technology like Split View, the ability to inter-view, Smart Camera, and more. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly TV that’s great for a variety of different use cases, the Panasonic JZ2000 is a great option.


The new Panasonic JZ2000 OLED TV is a huge step forward for the OLED TV market. While the original model was more than capable of delivering stunning picture quality, the new TV is a lot more likable when it comes to sound quality, video, and pictures. It features a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS:X audio, as well as the ability to produce 4K video with the 4K WiFi network and Bluetooth 4.0+. There’s also support for HDR10 and 4K Ultra HD. While the original Panasonic JZ2000 can be had for $109.99, the new model features a reduced price point of just $79.99.

Remote Control

No other remote control makes such a big impact on the channel lineup of a TV as the remote that controls it. There are a variety of options on the market these days, but one that remains consistent with all the other options is the X Chromecast. As far as remotes go, they’re designed to work with most devices with remote control (like a laptop, TV, car, iPad, etc.) and output video, pictures, and music. You can also assign different functions to different remotes.
For example, if you want to control the TV with the remote, you could pair it with an iPhone and have it control the computer. If you want to control the computer with the remote, you could pair it with an Android device, and have it control the iOS device. You can also set up a catering system so that people can control the TV from a restaurant, for example, and have them serve them food and watch them enjoy the show. There are many different types of remotes, and each has different functions.

Blu-ray Disc Player

You may have heard about the new Blu-ray Disc format, but there are other formats as well. You can burn Blue-ray Discs in different forms, like DivX, MKV, XviD, and 3GPP. You can also purchase Blu-ray Disc players with support for multiple formats, like the Samsung Blu-ray player, the Google Home, and the Apple TV. Interestingly, Apple is still working on the issue of “hi-res” support, but we’ll soon see if they can get the issue solved. In the meantime, you can always use the built-in player to load videos and photos from the internet, visit your local video store, or grab a copy from a download site.

HDMI 1.3 Support

HDMI 1.3 support is a very nice touch as far as you’re concerned, as it lets you access different inputs and outputs on the TV, without having to unplug the TV from the wall or other sources. Most of the HDMI 1.3 standards come with the TV´s built-in inputs and outputs, and in some cases, you’ll have to add a splitter to route the input and output signals through the TV. However, HDMI 1.3 supports multiple inputs and outputs, which can help with connecting multiple devices to the TV. You can also add an extra splitter if you need to connect multiple TVs or other devices to the TV.

CD/DVD Burner

This is a feature that most home theater enthusiasts will appreciate, as it lets you burn video and high-res photos and videos onto DVDs and can be used as an add-on to another function in the TV. You can set up the option to burn only digital files, such as photos and videos, or high-res photos and video. All you have to do is to set up the burner and connect it to your TV. You can select a format like MP4, 3GP, or whatever you want, and then connect the burner to your TV using an HDMI cable. After that, you can watch the video or photo files on your TV.

Remote Control Extension Cable

If you’re looking for remote control with more than just one function, you may be interested in the Remote Control Extension Cable. This is a pair of doing a variety of things together, like enabling universal remote controls for your computer or smartphone. It also comes with a remote that doubles as an extension cable, letting you plug the remote into another TV or computer, and along with the remote control, run various software applications on the remote.

Polished Nickel-Plated Finish

Before we get into the details of the build, let’s take a look at the finish. As we’ve discussed, the TV features a premium look, and the finish is another one of the things that make the product stand out. The finish is made with a variety of materials including nickel-plated fixtures and fittings, which help to make the TV sound and look premium. The remote is also made with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. There is also a choice of baked or non-baked finishes available, which helps the product stand out further.

Remote Adjustable Volume Control

If you’re looking for a feature that will make the most difference with your particular set-up, you’ll want to look into the Remote Adjustable Volume Control. This is a feature that you may not have thought to look into before, as it lets you adjust the volume on the TV speakers without a sound bar. The remote is designed to stay within the range of a single speaker, which helps to keep the sound consistent and clear. There is also a volume control that doubles as an on/off switch, and can be used with any of the above options.

Warranty and Returns

If you’ve been shopping around for a TV for a while and have only been able to find a few models with the option to return it to the store, then you’re in luck. You can return an old, unsoldered TV for a brand-new one as long as you have the necessary paperwork and information, including the model number and serial number, to get it back. You can also return an old or malfunctioning TV for a brand-new one if you’re not satisfied with the product. You must return the item in its original condition, including the box and papers (if any), with the original sales receipt, to have the purchase price refunded.

Final Words

The competition in this market is very stiff, and it’s important to have a product that can offer a good value for your money. That being said, the Samsung TVN Series 9 offers a great value for all budgets and is one of the best buys you can make. With HDR, 4K, and WiFi network support, it’s a great choice for the whole family.

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