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With the increasing number of people indulging in social messaging apps like WhatsApp, VSCO, and others, there is a huge demand for such apps. Since these applications are far more popular than Facebook Messenger and Kakoliki etc., it becomes difficult for developers to release updated versions of their apps. In order to overcome this difficulty, they find ways to update their apps by making the new app version available via emulators. It has become easier now as Google has made the Android platform fully secure by keeping the code base updated with security patches on regular basis. This means that you no longer need an emulator to access the latest version of your favorite application. If you have a device running Android 6 or above operating system, you’re good to go! The same holds true for most devices on Windows 10 as well as Mac OS X El Capitan operating systems.

How to download latest version of FMWhatsApp for Android?

The first step would be to search for the newest version of FMWhatsApp APK on the internet. You can do this using your favorite search engine or by simply entering the name of the app. Once you find the right link, simply click on it and save it to your phone’s internal memory or SD card. Now enter your phone’s settings menu and find the option of “Apps”. Go to the category of “All” and find the app with which you’re downloading. Now tap on that app and select “Settings” from the menu that appears. Now choose the option of “Storage” and change the “Auto-Move” option to “On”. That’s it! After the above process, you will be able to easily access the new version of FMWhatsApp on your phone.

P.S. This method will work for all Android devices, irrespective of the OS version

One of the goals of any software developer is to always come up with a new version of their app and make it available to the public. The best example would be WhatsApp which has now come up with a new update. The same example can be used for all other popular apps that are being updated on a regular basis. However, not all users are capable of accessing these new updates on their phones at the earliest. In such a case, they can always rely on a third-party Android emulator to run the latest version of the app. The emulator is a virtual machine that acts as an extension of the phone’s hardware. Since it is not a complete copy of the phone, the developers can always access the latest features of the phone without being held back by the old code. The same holds true for the emulator as well. Therefore, if you want to download the latest version of an app, you can always rely on an Android emulator.

Install Google Play Services

One of the best things about using an emulator is that it can easily access the Google Play Store. Therefore, you don’t need to manually search for and install the latest version of any app. Instead, you can simply rely on the emulator to do the work. The first and most important thing that you need to install on your phone is the Google Play Services. The Google Play Store is a marketplace where various Android developers can upload their apps along with the APK file. The Google Play Services are like a key that unlocks the entire app market. If you don’t have the Google Play Services installed on your phone, you can’t open the Play Store. Therefore, download the Google Play Services APK file from the internet and install it on your phone. Once the installation is complete, simply open the Google Play Store app and search for the FMWhatsApp app that you want to access. Now simply tap on the icon of the app with which you’re downloading and it will open the app market right away.

Enable Unknown Sources

The next step would be to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your phone’s Settings menu. This is a security feature that is designed to protect the phone from malicious apps. If you go to the Settings menu, find the option of “Security” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option, you’re good to go. But keep in mind that enabling this option will enable all the malicious apps on your phone. So make sure that you only enable it if you’re certain about what you’re doing. Now that you’ve enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in your phone, you’re ready to go. All you need to do now is to search for the FMWhatsApp APK on the internet and download it. After the download is complete, simply open the APK file and enjoy the latest version of the app on your phone.

Download Latest Version of FMWhatsApp APK from web

The best way to download the latest version of an app is from the official website of the developer. While you can always rely on a third-party website to download APK files, the official website is the safest way to go. This is because the developers are always aware of all the loopholes in a website and ensure that the website is secure. Go to the website of the developer of the app and find the “Download” option. Once you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can enter the name of the app that you want to download. After entering the name, you will be taken to a page where you will see a list of all the latest versions of the app. Select the latest version from that list and the app will be downloaded to the SD card of your phone.


With the popularity of social media apps, it has become difficult for developers to keep up with the demand for their apps. However, one way that has helped them overcome this difficulty is by using an emulator. Nowadays, almost all popular Android emulators are freely available for all Android devices. However, these emulators require some initial setup. So, we have outlined the steps for installing an emulator in this article. In case you encounter any trouble during the setup, you can always contact us. We would love to help you out!

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