A Beginners Guide to buying tool bags

Have you ever seen a handyman without a tool bag? Probably not!! A tool bag is convenient to not only keep all your tools organised in one place but it also makes it easier for you to carry them from one job location to another.

There were times when mechanics and handymen carried their tools in huge tool chests, lugging them from location to another. Nowadays, when you need to travel to multiple locations in one day, investing in a tool bag seems more feasible. 

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, having an easy-to-carry tool bag can organise and store all the tools you need for your project. 

Before you decide to invest in a tool bag, let us list a few benefits of having one. 

  • We have already mentioned this – a tool bag allows you to organise your tools in one place. Many tool bags come with dividers, pockets and compartments and you can organise similar tools together and stock your loose bits and fasteners without losing them.
  • Next, your tool bag lets you become more moveable as it is easier to transport tool bags than a metal tool box. 
  • Instead of hanging your tools on a waist band or packing them into your pockets, carrying them in a tool bag is less unwieldy.
  • And lastly, the construction of a tool bag is less rigid allowing it to carry all types of tools.

Now that we’ve understood that a tool bag is the best choice for carrying tools, how do you know which one is for your type of work? 

Here is a beginner’s guide to buying tool bags.

If you have many tools to carry

Are you a professional handyman who needs a large number of tools for your job? Then, go for a big tool bag which comes with expandable compartments and extra pockets. It does not look good if you have to dig into your bag every time you need a tool! If your bags have pockets and compartments, you can organise your tools and store them. Go for a tool bag with a shoulder strap that has extra padding like our RS PRO Polyester Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap.

If you have lesser tools

If you are a homeowner or a DIYer who only needs a small number of basic tools, then you can invest in a smaller shoulder bag. Even if you are a busy professional, you could carry a smaller one when you are on-the-call. 

Holdall for larger tools

Dealing with tools that are larger and heavier that do not fit into a standard-sized bag? A holdall-style tool bag like Stanley FatMax Fabric Holdall with Shoulder Strap would be your go-to bag. Constructed from harder materials like nylon fibre reinforced with PVC and a webbing handle for extra strength, holdalls are convenient to transport 

Backpack for convenience

Do you need an ergonomic bag that is easy to carry; RS PRO has an array of backpacks that come with a firm body and expansive tooling space? The bag remains erect on a flat surface. Go for the RS PRO Polyester Backpack with Shoulder Strap that is waterproof and comes with a padded shoulder strap.

Wheeled bags for workers on the go

If you do not want to carry a bag, you can go for a wheeled bag that comes with tool compartments and are made of hard-wearing materials to guarantee a safe and comfortable operation.

Looking for a great tool bag solution? Visit the RS Online store, and discover the range today.  

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