How to Draw a Polar Bear – Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw a Polar Bear. UFABET เว็บตรง Polar bears can only be found in the Arctic region, so you’re less likely to see one up close unless you travel to the North Pole. Why not draw a cute polar bear instead? By learning to draw one, you will have your own polar bear at your fingertips.

To make it much easier for you, we have created a step-by-step process of how to draw a polar bear, summarized in 9 simple and easy steps. Each instruction comes with illustrations you can use as a visual guide, making the steps easier to follow. The best part? You can customize your drawing and choose the colors too!

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How to Draw a Polar Bear – let’s Get Initiated!

Step 1

Start by outlining the polar bear’s head on top of your paper. ไก่ชนออนไลน์ You can create the polar bear’s head simply by drawing an irregular circle shape with two semicircles on either side on top of the head to form the ears. Ensure the polar bear is marked in the center.

You can create reference lines by drawing intersecting vertical and horizontal lines on the paper. The vertical line above the horizontal line in the middle is where you should remove the polar bear’s head. By doing this, you will have enough room at the bottom for the entire body of the polar bear.

Step 2

Draw an elongated, curved shape below the polar bear’s head to structure the arm. Make sure the feeder is slightly tilted, as shown in the illustration. Note that the arm we’ll be drawing in this step is the left arm, so it should be on the left side of the polar bear.

Step 3

Draw a downward-sloping line on the right side below the polar bear’s head to form the right arm. Then draw a curved line that almost includes an incomplete circle directly connected to the peninsula. This creates the hand, completing the polar bear’s right arm. After completing this step, both components of the polar bear should now be complete.

Step 4

Continue drawing a slightly curved line under the left arm to form the left side of the polar bear’s lower body.

Step 5

Repeat the last step on the opposite side to finish the more down body shape. At this moment, the lower body should be fully structured. The only thing missing from the body is the legs, which we’ll work on in the next step.

Step 6

Draw a short curved line in opposite directions in the middle of the bottom of the polar bear’s lower body. This makes both portions of the polar bear. Now, draw another line that forms a side oval at the bottom of each leg to create both feet. Note that the polar bear’s feet should be facing in opposite directions, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 7

In this step, we choice draw the details and marks all over the polar bear’s body. This helps your polar bear look realistic. Draw a shape inside each ear, following its original outline from the top down. This creates the inner ears. Next, draw a small circle shape inside the polar bear’s face, highlighting its snout—lastly, small curved lines on her hands to create the appearance of legs.

Step 8

Moving on to the polar bear’s facial features, continue drawing a rough circle for the nose. Then draw a slight oval shape on its inner side for the nose. Don’t forget to add a curved line inside the mouth to create the polar bear’s tongue!

Step 9

Complete the look by creating the eyes and eyebrows. Draw two short curved lines that form the arched eyebrows. Make sure the eyebrows are thick and in line with each other. Then draw a circle under each eyebrow to create the eyes.

Now add shadow to the eyes while leaving a small spot without shadow to make it look like the eyes are glowing. Draw a side oval shape on both cheeks for an extra scenic effect. This causes your polar bear‘s cheeks to look flushed, so adorable! Now that we have successfully removed a polar bear, it is time for the most exciting part to choose the colors and colors of the polar bear.

As we all know, polar bears are predominantly white, allowing them to blend into snowy surroundings effortlessly. But did you know that polar bear fur does not have white pigment? The polar bear’s skin is black, and its hair is transparent. You can color the polar bear its original white color or use a unique set of colors. Either way, we’re sure the colors will turn out beautiful!

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