Five Key Challenges Faced by India’s Women Entrepreneurs

The Indian patriarchal society is still causing many problems among the women who are wishing to become entrepreneurs. The small and medium enterprise industry is no different when it comes to such a scenario. Certain businesswomen are facing issues in India and in this article, you will come to know about such issues that usually the women entrepreneurs have to face.

Social acceptance

India is now becoming more empathic to working women in recent years, but still, there is a problem regarding acceptability. The working woman has lots of Expectations before her in balancing her time between the household chores and professional work. It is becoming a major challenge among the educated women in society, and so they are always facing problems in terms of challenges. The problems become serious when women get married and stay in urban or semi-urban areas to discover fruitful ways to shine without facing any challenges.

Poor access to the finance

Now there has been a problem on behalf of the Financial Institutions that is completely hurting the prospect of Indian women entrepreneurs to a great extent. Many women have also faced rejections because they were forced to narrow their time just waiting for the government to approve the loan request. Sometimes they also face problems when it comes to the self-help group. Despite having certain success stories, there are still many women in this 21st century in India who are facing issues because they are not getting enough cash and financial support for establishing their businesses. However, you can combat all problems today with the support from ZipLoan that can offer a good amount of business loan for women.

Lack of information

Women entrepreneurs are usually not that knowledgeable regarding subsidies and the incentive that are available for their growth. That said, the lack of knowledge and the lack of proper education are causing a major problem in the lives of women entrepreneurs. In certain parts, women are not getting their higher education. The problem is quite serious in the rural areas or also the underdeveloped parts of India. Besides, they are also not given the scope for enriching the knowledge.

When it comes to the research for the technical areas or the introduction of the new product, they don’t get the privileges. Besides, they have to seriously face competition from men. In this field, they are already lagging in education, which is becoming a major challenge for Rising and Shine in a country like India. Women should learn about business loan documents to make it easy to get access to the loan.

Resource procurement-based problems

When it comes to leasing the space for running the business on making the deal regarding the raw materials, women entrepreneurs usually face heavy disadvantage and distrust when they wish to start their work. It is still prevailing in society due to the narrow mentality and the general misconceptions regarding the work ethics of women. This aspect is something that is rendering a lot to the access of the raw materials, machinery, And Labour.

In most cases, the women entrepreneurs in India face drawbacks, which is more common when it comes to operational resources and a supply chain contract. By learning about the business loan interest rate, women can get a lot of advantages.

Getting the funding for the SME turns out to be hard to obtain the loan from the bank or any other body. Biased social order is one of the biggest challenges that women need to face in India.

Lack of the safe public places

It is often an unnoticed problem. When it comes to the women entrepreneurs in India, usually, most women are working from home. Sometimes it happens, so the entrepreneurs have to go to different locations to set up the team, but building networks and relationships while also getting a place to continue with the business becomes a major challenge. The revelation of the National Crime Record Board 2020 shows that Kolkata proves to be the safest Metro city where women can conduct work safely. The result revelations are out of the 19 cities monitored for the crime scenes. Besides, the agents also mention that a megacity like Delhi has recorded around 12902 cases of crime against women. It is not uncommon for Mumbai that has recorded 6519 cases. With such challenging situations, the women aren’t getting the strength of painting long hours outside the home.

Final words

Besides Lack of Persistent nature like some other issues we have already mentioned, it is inviting more. Women generally have sympathy for others and turn very emotional. This nature does not allow them to get the strength of going ahead with their mental strength. Besides these women, entrepreneurs become very upset when the Loss starts arising in the business. It can hinder their ability to a huge extent. The problem is more among the middle-class women entrepreneurs in their entire Indian social system. New reforms are coming up to prove that women too have equal rights in the business but still, it’s a long way now from eradicating the sick mentality.

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