Why Google’s search results seem to know a lot about you

Internet users have become increasingly aware of their data as a privacy risk in the past few years. While most people know that it can be tracked online and that advertisers use this information to make money, they’ve also seen examples of where this data has been used to track users and influence them. In response, users are now much more cautious about their digital footprint. Google is one company that has changed in response to this user paranoia. They recently introduced a new feature to all Google search users called “personal search,” which appears to be an effort by Google to address these privacy concerns with their services and ease users’ fears about being tracked by Google searches. Still, you can avoid Google letting you know about your searches if you buy VPN.

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What is Google’s Personal Search?

Google’s Personal Search feature is designed to provide you with more relevant and personalized results when you search. First, you must type in your query and select “Personal Search” under the settings menu. This will cause Google’s search engine to analyze your past Google queries, your Gmail email contents, your YouTube videos, your photo and review histories, and even your Google Fit data to make a ranking list of the best results.

For example, if you didn`t buy VPN and search for something on Google like you’ve previously searched for a specific product, then Google’s Personal Search feature will display results for that product when you search for it again. It will also remember that you’ve searched for similar products in the past and present you with these results.

How does Google’s Personal Search work?

When you choose Google’s Personal Search option, the search engine will begin a “machine learning” process to collect vast amounts of data on your online habits. It will analyze every Google query you make and use that data to create a ranking list of your past search terms that will be used to determine what else you might have searched for in the past. This option will also analyze your Gmail email contents, YouTube videos, photo and review histories, and even Google Fit data to determine what else you might have been interested in over time. It then compares all of this data to your stated interests and skills to calculate a list of suggested results that it believes are best for you.

What information can you see in your search history?

Google will store all your Google search history data and all your data. It will include information such as:

  • Google query
  • Time of query
  • IP address
  • Google search engine results
  • Clickstream data (a record of what links you click on in Google search results and which websites you visit after you click on a link)
  • Google search terms
  • Google account information
  • Gmail account information
  • Gmail email contents
  • YouTube videos
  • Photo albums

Why does it seem like Google knows so much about you?

Google’s Personal Search feature appears to be an effort by Google to address these privacy concerns with their services and ease users’ fears about being tracked by Google searches. However, there are a few explanations why it could be perceived as if Google is reading your mind: Google stores the information you provide when you use its services, including your location data and search history. Fortunately, you can safeguard your information if you buy VPN.

When you use Google’s search engine, Google stores your IP address and all the data mentioned above. When you use a Google product like Gmail. Google will also record the information you’ve included in each email you send. Google also has massive amounts of data from third-party services, like your social media accounts, photos and videos, Google Fit data. And any other data stored on third-party services. To get a comprehensive picture of your digital life. Google has to aggregate and collate all of this data from various sources.


The amount of data shared on the internet has grown exponentially in recent years. This has created concerns due to the potential misuse of the data by entities like Google. So, Google has now introduced a new feature in their “personal search “engine designed to address these concerns. In detail, Google says this feature will help you find the information you want while respecting your privacy. And they also say that they will never sell your data. However, this new feature also seems to be a system that will know a lot about you. Like how you search for information and what you like and don’t like. So, we need to understand why Google does it.

Firstly, Google wants to know everything about you so that they can target their adverts and content at you.

Secondly, they want to know everything about you so they can sell your data or target you with ads.

And lastly, they want to profit by selling your data to third parties. Who also have their business model of data collection.

You can always avoid Google from benefiting from your private info if you buy VPN on time and use it when you search for products and other’s details which you don`t want to share with anyone.

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