Top gate valve manufacturers in China

If you want to keep an industrial unit or system working well, you need industrial valves. According to a survey by Markets And Markets, the industrial valve market is predicted to expand up to 85.19 million by 2023. China is one of the world’s top manufacturers, therefore it’s no surprise that many businesses would like to work with Chinese industrial valve suppliers.


DBV is a Chinese company that has been making gate valves for more than 14 years. Their R&D department and design engineers are among the best in the industry, so they can make valves from scratch that are exactly what their customers need. The chemical, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, mining, and mineral sectors are among those that benefit from DBV gate valve manufacturer’s wares. We also make a name for ourselves as an industry leader in the production of sluice gates, knife gate valves, and wedge gate valves for use in the subdivision sector. We provide lower wholesale gate valve pricing than our European and American competitors, and our goods are of higher quality than those made by India’s gate valve manufacturers. Below is a list of goods we have previously manufactured; if you are interested in purchasing gate valves in large quantities, please get in touch with us.

Lanzhou High-Pressure Valve Co. Ltd:

LZHPV is a high-tech company in China’s Northwest that produces large-diameter valves for extreme conditions (high temperature, high pressure, high alloy, low temperature).

The petroleum, coal, chemical, natural gas, coking, military, metallurgy, aerospace, and more all employ LZHPV ball valves because of their excellent quality and widespread use. LZHPV provides a number of other services in addition to the production of ball valves, all with the goal of providing superior service to their clientele.

Clients may take use of the business’ technical training for assistance with operation, maintenance, and other services. They even go so far as to do on-site checks to make sure everything is running well.

LZHPV now has 45 offices in cities around China. All of which are geared up to serve customers on the provincial and county levels of the market.


KOJO is a leading producer of high-quality industrial gate valves for a wide range of applications.

They provide gate valves that meet all relevant international specifications, including API, ANSI, DIN, BS, and JIS. Petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, and mining are just some of the sectors that use KOJO gate valves.

The KOJO cast steel gate valve is equipped with a bolted bonnet, flanged and butt-welded ends, and threaded connections. You may use a handwheel, gearbox, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, or hydraulic actuator to control it.

KOJO’s steel gate valves always meet or exceed industry standards because of the rigorous quality control procedures they undergo.

With the goal of producing high-quality gate valves in an efficient manner, the firm has built a cutting-edge factory. In addition, KOJO has devoted resources to R&D in order to provide the highest quality service to its customers at all times.

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