Cancel your automatic subscription and get a refund

Installing antivirus on the system keeps it protected from various dangerous threats. You can install the security software according to your requirements. When you use the system for very basic jobs like creating simple documents, editing, or playing offline games then you don’t require advanced tools for security. Users can go for the free plans which provide virus scanning and device optimization tools. Today, people use the system for lots of crucial jobs. If you are using the device for performing important jobs then you will require advanced security tools on the system.

Most of the premium antivirus tools have automatic subscription features. Using this feature assures that your device will always be protected from harmful threats. When the subscription is about to expire; the auto-renewal feature renews the subscription. The subscription payment will appear on the banking details that you have provided while purchasing the plan.

Canceling automatic subscription and asking for a refund

Many times, users didn’t like the features of antivirus. But when they want to use another plan; the previous plan gets auto-renewed. Many of the security software programs have refund services. When the user cancels the auto-renewed plan within 30 days, he can ask for a refund. In Norton cancel subscription, you have to visit the account page and then cancel the auto-renewed subscription. Then, contact the technical team for a refund.

  1. Open the web and go to the Norton antivirus website
  2. Log in to the Norton account
  3. Navigate to your subscription page
  4. Hit the Cancel subscription button
  5. Norton will send you a confirmation wizard

Click on the confirm button and your Norton subscription will get canceled. Open the email address and check for the Norton mail. You must have received a subscription cancellation mail. Now, go to your Norton account and contact the technical team for a refund. The user has to provide all the details and then ask for a refund. Norton’s team will check all the information and then provide you with the refund confirmation. The use will get the full refund within a week. After canceling the subscription, users can’t access the premium tools. You should not keep the system vulnerable to threats.

Upgrading security software on the system

After canceling the subscription, users should immediately get a new antivirus for the system. You can check for the upgraded plans of the same security software brand or can go for a new one. When you upgrade the plan, you will get lots of new features. Upgrading the antivirus with the same brand is easy as you don’t have to create a new account. Users can purchase the antivirus from the same account. Before installing the new antivirus plan on your device, remove the previous one. Always uninstall the expired antivirus plan from the system. Delete the related files from your PC. After removing the expired plan from the system; install a new antivirus setup. After installing the new setup, run the scan to remove all the treats.

Use free-trial plans before purchasing antivirus

Many antivirus plans offer a 30-day free trial. Users can install the plan on the system and use every premium tool for a month without paying anything. In some plans, the user has to enter the payment details while installing the setup. If you don’t like the features then cancel the subscription within 30 days. No amount will be changed. If you like the plan and didn’t cancel it then the payment will appear after 30 days.

In some plans, users don’t have to enter the payment details while installing the setup. Users have to create the account and then directly install the antivirus setup on the device. He can use the antivirus for a month. After a month, if he likes the feature then he has to enter the payment details. In case, you don’t like the plan then the plan will expire and you can’t use it after 30 days. Check all the features of your antivirus thoroughly before purchasing the plan. Get a security program for the device which can protect the system from all the malware. You should also inspect for the data protection, browser security, and other features before installing the new antivirus.

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